As the bells ring in the New Year – cast your eyes toward 2020. 

Preparations for victory in 2020 begin with the advent of 2019!!
Words for 2019 – for us as Republicans- resound with each ring –

    Be Prepared
    Be United
    Be Informed
    Be Alert
    Be Proactive
    Be Involved

You are invited to be an active part of our SaddleBrooke Republican Party as we prepare for the 2020 elections!  Our meetings will feature Arizona issues, Arizona leaders, speakers on the national scene and opportunities for you to continue to be informed and involved in every aspect of the governance of our state and country.


Our News Year’s Resolutions?

Pledge to make a difference in our community.
Pledge to actively become involved in preparing for 2020.
Pledge to support the effort of the AZ GOP Republican Party.
Pledge to make Arizona and America Great Again!!
As the clock strikes twelve and 2018 slips into the past – hold your head up high –greet 2019 with a wink of confidence and embrace the future!!

See you at our first fabulous General Meeting in January!!


Patricia Tarner
SaddleBrooke Republican Club President





Come join your fellow club members as we celebrate the Holidays and look back on the past years’ Club activities.

Date:  December 5th

Time: 5:00 til ??

Location: HOA1 Activity Center

$25 per person, reservations required

Menu: French Glazed Chicken and more

Drinks: The Club will provide wine, water and coffee. Feel free to bring your own beverages if you want something else.

Entertainment: A slide show of 2018 club activities, and who know what else? Maybe singers or dancers or a jolly old elf? Be there to find out!

Cost: $25 per person, Reservations are required’

Your Board of Directors look forward to seeing you there!!

Please note: This meeting is in place of a general club meeting in December!



A message to all our loyal Republican supporters

On behalf of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club Board of Directors I want to thank everyone of you for your amazing support during  the 2018 election year!! You were faithful in attending the meetings filling the Mountain View Ballroom with your enthusiasm and numbers that were huge!!  You greeted each and every one of the candidates making a sincere effort to educate yourself on their platforms. You read and listened to all the information available about the Republican candidates.  You voted in the primaries and the general election in record numbers. You did everything you could do to push your Republican candidates over the finish line.

For some of us the results were disappointing !!  But now is the time to rededicate our efforts – to continue to support Republican principles – to work tirelessly toward 2020.  Yesterday was not too soon to focus on the future – to make 2020 a true RED WAVE!! The media will try to discourage you – the Democrats will try to undermine all the accomplishments of the Trump Administration – but WE ARE STRONGER THAN ANY CHALLENGE – TOGETHER WE WILL WORK TO CONTINUE TO MAKE AMERICA AND ARIZONA GREAT!!


Patricia Tarner
President, SaddleBrooke Republican Club



Wednesday, November 14, 2018

HOA 2 Mountain View Ballroom

Doors open at 3:30 pm, event will begins at 4:00 pm

Get the SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s November General Meeting on your calendar!

It will be a great time as we celebrate election results and honor America’s Veterans and Service Members.

There will be a color guard presentation. Pinal County Sheriff, Mike Lamb and Golder Ranch Fire District Chief, Randy Kerrer, will be awarded plaques recognizing their service.

Club member, Onita Davis, will give a presentation on a nationwide program called ‘Wreaths Across America’.



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Paul C. Herr
Vice- President, SaddleBrooke Republican Club

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! >>> CLICK HERE <<< to see the Mesa Trump Rally from start to finish and other information on recent events.

 Republican vs Democrat 2018 Platforms


Dear friends and neighbors,

America is at a crossroads. In the upcoming November election, we, her citizens, will choose which road our nation travels on into the future. The difference between the two roads is stark.

Some of the most important issues to be decided are how America will deal with:


Democrats are in favor of open borders, abolishing ICE and sanctuary cities. One needs only to look at California to see the results of those policies; huge homeless compounds, high crime and out of control budget deficits.

Republicans are in favor strong border security, support ICE and oppose sanctuary cities. Republicans support legal immigration, based on merit. America is a nation of laws. We cannot tolerate cities brazenly ignoring our laws.


Democrats opposed the Trump tax cuts. Nancy Pelosi says that those cuts will be repealed if Democrats prevail. She wants the “crumbs” back.

Republicans support retaining the tax cuts, and increasing them if possible.


Democrats want to establish a single payer, Obamacare-like healthcare system. To accomplish that, they seek to reduce the choices Americans have to obtain and receive healthcare. The results of Obamacare itself illustrate the failure of that approach.

Republicans look to abolish Obamacare. They support choice in healthcare.

Gun Control.

Democrats favor more, broader and comprehensive gun control laws. Some of their more extreme leaders are calling for outlawing guns in the hands of the public.

Republicans support the 2nd Amendment and oppose additional gun control laws.


Democrats are calling for impeachment of President Trump, based on their personal animus, even though there is no basis in the law for such an action.

Republicans recognize this approach for what it is, another attempt to overturn the results of the last election.

Other Social Issues.

Democrats favor all types of LGBTQ initiatives, including gay marriage, gay adoption, restroom choice and so forth. They stand behind “Black Lives Matter” movement. Democrats favor abortion rights. They want undocumented, i.e., illegal immigrants to have special treatment and a separate path to citizenship

Republicans oppose the gay rights agenda, believing marriage is “between a man and a woman.” They believe that “ALL lives matter.” Republicans oppose abortion. They believe a comprehensive immigration law should be enacted that deals with illegals. 

Other Issues.

Democrats do not support rebuilding our military. They oppose the death penalty, despite the majority opinion in America that it should be legal.   Democrats no longer look at Israel as one of our closest allies.

Republicans want a strong military and support an increase in the militaries’ budget. They support the death penalty. Republicans view Israel as an important and vital ally.


The differences between the two parties and the directions they each want to take America are clear. We believe that the positions asserted by the Republican Party are best for America. They will lead to prosperity, peace and a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We ask that you join us in voting for the Republican ticket.

We know that President Trump does not fit the usual image of a president. We know that many of you may not care for his style or his tweets. He is not your consummate politician. But, if you give a fair consideration of what he has accomplished, you have to admit he has been quite successful. Even in the face of constant opposition. Isn’t that what we want, results? Please join us in voting Republican in the upcoming election.


Best Wishes,

Patricia Tarner
President, SaddleBrooke Republican Club

Paul C. Herr
Vice- President, SaddleBrooke Republican Club



As of Monday evening, 43 Republican Senators have committed to a “Yea” vote in favor of Kavanaugh, however; 8 GOPers still have not pledged their votes yet.

Pay special attention to these Republican Senators

FOX News Congress reporter Chad Pergram has been reporting all day that sources are telling him Kavanaugh does not have 51 ‘yea’ votes yet.

Brett Kavanaugh needs a minimum of 50 Senators to vote ‘yea’ — and a vote from VP Mike Pence would take him to 51-49.

Here are the 8 Republican Senators who have not pledged their votes yet and their office phone numbers–CALL THEM!

  • Maine Senator Susan Collins -office number 202-224-2523
  • Tennessee Senator Bob Corker office number 202-224-3344
  • Arizona Senator Jeff Flake – office number 202-224-4521
  • Wyoming Senator Michael Enzi – office number 202-224-3424
  • Oklahoma Senator James Lankford – office number 202-224-5754
  • Kansas Senator Jerry Moran – office number 202-224-6521
  • Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski – office number 202-224-6665
  • Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse office number 202-224-4224

PERGRAM: Kavanaugh requires 51 yeas for confirmation. Senate divided 51 GOPers to 49 Sens who caucus with Dems. 43 GOPers are yeas. 8 GOPers have not pledged their votes yet: Collins, Corker, Enzi, Flake, Lankford, Moran, Murkowski & Sasse.

Source: Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit >>> Click HERE for full story!