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SaddleBrooke Republican Club January General Meeting!


The SaddleBrooke Republican Club ushered in the New Year of 2018 with a full house of 180 in attendance who were gathered to hear the keynote speaker, the Honorable Dr. Kelli Ward, former Arizona Senator, presently a candidate for the United States Senate. Members of the 2018 Board of Directors were introduced. After the meeting the club members lingered to enjoy the complimentary sandwiches and no host bar as well as to socialize with candidates and other club members. The SaddleBrooke Republican Club is geared up for a year filled with stimulating programs. Be sure you join us and be ‘where the action is’!!

Many thanks to our photographer, Bill George…


Active Members can obtain a free Republican Club Name Tag by requesting one when you attend a monthly meeting.

The Making of the “Great American Story” Rivas Film

Once the basic story was created, Neil and Richard reviewed the film, making several suggestions for improvement. Ken continued refining the film until he thought he had it where he wanted. At that point, Jorge and Betty Rivas, and their sons, were invited to review the film with us.

With Betty in tears of gratitude, the family approved the film.

This film was a product of love . . .of family, of country. No one was paid to do this film. There was no talk of contracts, of copyrights, or of ownership. The film was completed because it was the right thing to do. Ken Gorman deserves praise for the selfless time and effort he expended on the film.

SaddleBrooke Republican Club Board of Directors

Our club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in America. We are located North of Tucson, AZ, in the community of SaddleBrooke. Click on the boxes below for more information.

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