To sign up on line, click on this link and your submission will be emailed to the President and Vice President of the club.


The SBRC is seeking top tier volunteers to accomplish great deeds.   
The SBRC Roadside Cleanup Team:  The SBRC has a piece of highway that we have agreed to keep tidy.   Camaraderie is abundant among our team.  Enjoy the early morning cool breeze while we preserve the natural beauty of Arizona.  This team will work under the direction of AZDOT.
Audio Visual Specialist:  Know how to operate Window’s software to show images and Powerpoint in conjunction with a laptop computer and a PC projector.  Your help will improve the quality of the presentations at our Forums.   

SBRC Speaker Program:  We need a volunteer who would serve as Director of Programs.  

This volunteer would work with the President and Vice President in acquiring top tier speakers that range from experts on border control, ISIS and terrorism, taxes, those seeking public office, and other fascinating people.  The job requires great interpersonal skills, patience, and a willingness to pitch-in to handle changing situations.  The Saddlebrooke’s centerpiece of what we do is our monthly speakers program.   

To volunteer, or for more information, please contact  President Neil Macdonald at 825-4361 or Vice President Rich Brinkley 818-0320.