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Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month in the Ballroom of the MountainView Club House. Doors open at 3:45 PM and the program starts at 4:15 PM. Members are encouraged to attend.

This is an opportunity to hear distinguished speakers, candidates and elected officials present their views on current issues.  During the past year we have had most of our local and State elected officials speak at our meetings. Both of our U. S.Senators have also spoken at our meetings. Members are encouraged to ask the speakers questions at the meetings.

You are invited to attend as our guest.

Board of Directors Meetings

Board meetings are held on the first Friday of every month in the Coyote Room of the SaddleBrooke Club House at 64500 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd. Meetings start at 8:30 AM and are open to all members of the Club except when an executive session of the Board is called. Should any member wish to speak at any meeting they are encouraged to send an e-mail to the President, Neil Macdonald, to be placed on the program.We certainly couldn’t do it without you.

Past meetings

11/12/2014:  Emil Franzi, Guest Speaker  [cincopa AUHAiHcjc-Tw] Photos by Bill George

10/13/2014 GOP Victory Tour in SaddleBrooke.  Photos by Bill George [cincopa AgKAvEcGLg-f]


Dr. Goldberg








 October 8, 2014:  Carl Goldberg, Ph.D – “What Non-Muslims Need to Know about Islam and Why.  [cincopa AwBAqDMC4AbP]Given the on-going horrific beheadings and murders by other means of the helpless by ISIS forces, many Americans are struggling to understand that group’s relationship with the Islamic faith.  Dr. Goldberg’s topic, “What Non-Moslems Need to Know About Islam and Why,” was timely.  Referring continually to quotations from the Koran, and statements from current revered Islamic philosophers, he discussed the belief structures as they relate to women, non-believers, and instructions for daily living.  He also discussed the role of the Koran, the role of Muhammad and what is Sharia Law?

Senator Al Melvin received a plaque from our club, recognizing and honoring his many years of service to SaddleBrooke, Arizona and America.

Our next forum is scheduled for November 12, at 4:15 p.m., featured will be Mr. Emil Franzi, local radio show host of the Inside Track – Smart & Edgy Political Talk.  The program is in its 16th year.

October 7, 2014:  Meet and Greet Mark Brnovich, candidate for Arizona Attorney General:  [cincopa A8LAcB8Zlcbg]

October 2, 2014:  Speaker:  Dennis Michael Lynch.  Photos by Bill George. [cincopa AMIA2B8FCgTO]

September 10, 2014:  The Arizona House was given to La Verne Tucker in memory of her husband Tommy Tucker for his many years of service to the Republican Party by Andy Tobin, House Majority Speaker.

Opening remarks were then given by Bruce Ash, Arizona National Committeeman congratulating the Primary winners and telling our club members to make sure we get the vote out in November.  We have a great slate of candidates and need to really support them.  He also noted the large difference in the Primary system between Republicans and Democrats.  We like people to run so that we can learn what they stand for and then we decide who we want to vote for.  The Democrats on the other hand determine in a back room who their candidates are so that they follow the party line.  [cincopa AUNAn8rcno5V] – Photos by Bill George.

August 13, 2014:  [cincopa AAPAX6LW3IDz]At the SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s General Meeting, a forum was held featuring the two GOP candidates that are running for LD 11 Senate position.  They are Scott Bartle and House Representative Steve Smith.  Each was asked five questions concerning where they stand on major issues by the moderator, Wayne Larroque, plus questions from the audience. Their responses to the questions concerning the border, education, common core and Medicaid expansion were insightful and provided a good understanding of their positions on a variety of significant issues.

Anthony Smith, Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors attended with the new County Manager Greg Stanley to update our members on what is happening in Pinal County.  They talked about the following topics.

  • Impacts of cancelling the ICE contract
  • Update on local projects, including: Pinal Airpark Improvements, status of commercial shopping project at Oracle Road and SaddleBrooke Blvd, planned expansion of Biosphere 2,
  • Introduce our new Strategic Plan
  • Update on our latest economic development activities including; Tractor Supply Company (TSC), Phoenix Mart, etc.
  • Major Surface Transportation Corridors for Pinal County

July 9, 2014 Barbeque – Photos courtesy of Bill George [cincopa AQHAuzLpzns_]

On Wednesday, July 9th, in the late afternoon, about a hundred hungry Republicans gathered at SaddleBrooke’ s Mesquite Grill for the club’s First Annual Chicken & Burger BBQ.  The two surefire ingredients that predicted the evening’s success were affordability (It was free), and the food was better than mom’s cooking.  Also, an open bar was provided.  The room was so full, that some members escaped to the patio for a moment’s peace and quiet, along with more elbow room.

This event was the club’s gift to its own members for their loyalty and support, and occurred in place of the General Meeting. The winner of the 50/50 raffle walked away with a fist full of cash.  Attendees also made substantial contributions to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s Election Fund, which is distributed to the winning candidates following the Primary Election.

Our special guests included Anthony Smith, Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, along with several candidates that are intensely focused on the upcoming Primary Election.

Special Events Director Nicole Stites, handled planning, coordination and made the evening a success.  Also, thank you Jet George for managing the raffle.  And a good time was had by all.


June 11, 2014 Meeting:

At the SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s June 11, 2014 General Meeting, The Honorable Tom Horne, State Attorney General addressed the meeting outlining the 17 most important things that he has accomplished while Attorney General of Arizona.  He also addressed the problem the state is facing with all of these illegal kids being dumped on the state.

Then a forum was held featuring the three GOP candidates that are running for LD 11 House of Representatives.  They are Mark Finchem, Jan Grant and Vince Leach.  Each was asked five questions concerning the Legislators duties and where they stand on major issues by the moderator, Wayne Larroque, plus questions from the audience. Their responses to the questions were insightful and provided a better understanding of their positions on a variety of significant issues including Common Core, Medicare expansion and job creation.

Also in July the club will be hosting their members with a Bar-B-Q at the Mesquite Grill. Photos courtesy of Bill George, photographer [cincopa AcMARwrwNcwm]

May 14, 2014 Meeting:  Candidates for Governor

Photos courtesy of Bill George, photographer [cincopa AUIACobU1fDu]

A large crowd filled the DesertView Theater on May 14th to attend a forum with candidates running for Arizona Governor.  The speakers were:  Secretary of State Ken Bennett, State Treasurer Doug Ducey, Business woman Christine Jones, State Senator Al Melvin. Businessman Frank Riggs and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith.  After opening comments they answered 5 questions from our board and members.  Some of the areas they feel are important to the future of Arizona are:  economic growth and job creation, school excellence, securing the border, no Common Core and halting Medicare expansion.  At the end the audience had a better understanding of how the candidates felt on the major issues facing Arizona today and how they would solve them.

April 4, 2014 general meeting – courtesy of Bill George, photographer[cincopa AEIAVmLE4FpU]

February 19, 2014 general meeting[cincopa AsHA4c7Ppuqw]

January 8, 2014 – courtesy of Bill George, Photographer



Pictured at left:  Mike Stites, candidates Will Cardon, Justin Pierce, Michele Reagan, Wayne Larroque

At the SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s January 8, 2014 General Meeting, a forum was held featuring the three GOP candidates that are running for the office of Arizona Secretary of State.  They are businessman Will Cardon, State Representative Justin Pierce, and State Senator Michele Reagan.  Each was asked eight questions concerning the Secretary of State’s duties by the moderator, Wayne Larroque, plus questions from the audience. Their responses to the questions were insightful and provided a better understanding of their positions on a variety of significant issues.

The next meeting of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club will be held on February 19, starting at 4:15 pm in the MountainView ballroom.  Candidates running for Congressional District 1 will share their thoughts, their motivation for seeking public office, and what they intend to accomplish if elected.  Please put this date on your calendar and plan to join us for an educational and interesting presentation.

November Meeting:  Obamacare Discussion:  The SaddleBrooke Republican Club held its Annual Meeting on November 13, 2013 in the DesertView Theater.  Prior to the meeting a PowerPoint presentation was shown honoring our Veterans.  Vice President Roger Bogard opened the meeting and then the invocation was given by Pastor Ron Gannett and then Senator Al Melvin led the Pledge of Allegiance.  This was followed by a video honoring our Veterans and then VP Roger Bogard saluted the veterans present.  Three candidates running for office were given one minute to introduce themselves.

Program Chairman Wayne Larroque introduced our program and panel speakers.  He then showed a video lead by Gov. Huckleberry interviewing three Doctors on ObamaCare.  Then our panel which consisted of Tom Jenny, Americans for Prosperity, Christine Corieri, Goldwater Institute, and Doctor Kwasman were given ten minutes to present their comments.  Christine Corieri showed a PowerPoint presentation give the effects that ObamaCare is having on everyone.  After their presentations it was opened up for a Q & A session.  Several very interesting questions were asked of the panel.

VP Roger Bogard then congratulated the new members of the Board for Directors and Nominating for their election.  Meeting was then adjourned.

Photos courtesy of club photographer, Bill George. [cincopa AkGAFWrtWdm9]

October Reagan Day Luncheon

The SaddleBrooke Republican Club held its annual Reagan Day Luncheon on Saturday, October 12, in the HOA#1 Vistas Dining Room.  The Pinal County Sheriff’’s Department Color Guard presented the colors.  A large crowd then heard two great speakers, the Honorable Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General, speak on how Reagan’s principles are still live the in the Attorney General’s office today.  Then Colonel Ron Sable USAF (retired) gave us an account of how things worked in President’s Reagan White House compared to today.  He gave some of the reasons President Reagan was the most popular president in our nation’s history.
The club’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at the DesertView Theater where a panel will discuss how ObamaCare is effecting Medicare. [cincopa AoCAGTLKcXmB]

September Meeting:  Guest speakers:  Doug Wolf, Pinal County Assessor and Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney.  [cincopa AgCAES7qQN24]

June General Meeting Guest:  Speaker Zack Taylor[cincopa AIBALPrm742o]Some of Zack Taylor’s comments to a large number of our members included the following:

In recent years the Border Patrol has been inhibited in its efforts to patrol the border by rules and regulations from other agencies, primarily the Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management. Their focus is environmental protection, not national security and they apply their rules to other government agencies regardless of impact on other missions.  While on paper the Border Patrol has access to the lands managed by these other agencies, in actual practice their rules denied free access on an as-needed basis.  In many areas this makes it easy for illegals to cross the board without detection.

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers which Zack is chairman of are concerned about National Security and Public Safety.  Please go their website: to learn more of the facts about things that are happening on our southern border.

May General Meeting:   Our speakers were to be Sheriff Paul and County Attorney Lando Voyles, but Lando was unable to make it.  So Sheriff Paul covered both areas.

Sheriff Paul reported that there has been a change in enforcement, they are more aware of victim violence and are helping those affected to come forward, now only about 15% report their attacks.  The big change is in the culture in the County Attorney’s office and there interaction with his Deputies.

Now the County is working with the Sheriff’s Department.  When Lando took over he requested a million dollars from the County Supervisors to overhaul his department and it was approved.  Some of the changes:

  • Fired 17 individuals that were dead weight.
  • Has 44 attorneys and 2 Paralegals, now has 9 Paralegals, a great help.
  • Now an attorney is assigned a case and stays with it, before at least 4 were involved.
  • Now the attorneys go to the Crime Scene to see what happened.
  • Found out that over 75% pled out or were forgotten and never came to trial.  Now the Deputies see their cases move forward to trial.
  • Found 100’s of cases raffled, past time to prosecute so lost.
  • 80% are now being prosecuted.

The question of ICE payments to the Jail was brought up.  It is being worked.  Why they are above  budget is that feds are paying $59.64 when the actual cost is $75 per inmate.  So that is why the county is losing money.

Over 140 individuals attended and  good questions were asked.

March Meeting:  Speaker Ron Sable, President of Concord Solutions Ltd., a business consulting practice for commercial, government, and non-profit firms. He is a sought after speaker and executive coach with emphasis on leadership and integrity.[cincopa AAAAxH724fb6] Photographs by Bill George, SBRC photographer.

New Member Meeting:  A New Member Meeting was held on February 18th at 5:00 pm in the MountainView ballroom.  Bob Schwartz, Membership Chair welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of the Club.  Additional comments were made by Mike Stites, President, Joanne Fairweather, Activities Chair and Roger Bogard, Vice President on their areas.  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship, drinks and cheese tray.[cincopa AcPAxELZpOg9]

Lincoln Day Luncheon – Keynote Speaker – Guy Fraker, Author “Lincoln’s Ladder to the Presidency”
February 9, 2013
Images by Bill George, SBRC photographer[cincopa AACA9E7ma2MO]

January meeting – Guest Speaker Bruce Ash
[cincopa AwCAVF7oe4Vs]

Annual Christmas dinner
December 12, 2012
Images by Bill George, SBRC photographer, and Roger Bogard [cincopa AgEAoB72MzET]

March Meeting with Sheriff Paul, Images by Bill George, SBRC photographer [cincopa A4GA5LrMymOt]


Images by Bill George, SBRC photographer

November Speaker: Colonel Jon Gold, U.S. Army Retired
“What I Learned in Bosnia, Kosovo and Palestine”

Imagine living in a horrifying time when good does not triumph over evil. Imagine knowing of a frightful place where women are property, where children are brainwashed, and where men murder unquestioningly. STOP imagining; this is not fiction. The place and time are here and now. World War III already started. The Radical Islamic Fundamentalists’ War Plan has 5 Fronts and is already succeeding all over Europe, Africa and Asia. The United States is their final objective and most Americans don’t believe we are even in a war!

Jon Gold, is a retired US Army Colonel and a 30-year career Intelligence Officer. In the mid 1990’s he was the Chief, Military Intelligence Officer assigned to the United Nations Pre-Deployment Forces (UNPREDEP) in former Yugoslavia. While focused on the security of American and United Nations forces in the region, he witnessed this asymmetric strategy unfold. This was a informative program and those present learned a lot!

Join today! Membership is only $30 a year for an Individual/Couple – or $50 for two years (save $10). You can also become a Lifetime Member for $300. Just click on Join/Renew to complete your membership in the Club.

Our Republican Club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in the country and counts among its Honorary Members Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Senator Jon Kyle, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Tom Morrissey, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Mike Stites, President

We certainly couldn’t do it without you.